Selected Publications

Black, J. (2014). Exploring women’s pathways to recovery: A review of literature & experience. Saarbrücken, Deutschland/Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Black, J., Murkar, A., & Black, J. (2014). Examining the healing process through dreams in bereavement. Sleep and Hypnosis, 16, 10-17.

Black, J. (2014). Quiet mind, open heart. Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House.

Black, J. (2015, December). The Learned Attachments Auto-Piloting our Lives. Elephant Journal.

Black, J. (2016, February). The Force Is Me. The Minds Journal.

Black, J., DeCicco, T., Seeley, C., Murkar, A., Black, J., and Fox, P. (2016). Dreams of the deceased: Can themes be reliably coded? International Journal of Dream Research, 9(2), 110-114.


Selected Media

(feat. Jade Black)

Mind Left Body Podcast with Host Michael Morey (Episode 69) (August, 2016).

Grief Dreams Podcast with Hosts Joshua Black and Shawn Ram (Episode 3) (May, 2016).